Notes on the Arsenal game

With another high profile win for Newcastle, I’ll yield to the post on how Newcastle managed to cope with Arsenal in midfield.

It’s a great and accurate analysis.

Here are a few stats that echo the general assessment of Newcastle’s performance.

Before the game, Arsenal were averaging 20.2 shots a game this season and 6.9 of them were on target. Against Newcastle they attempted fourteen shots and only three of them were on target (two from Fabregas and one from Nasri).

Also before the game, Arsenal were, on average, passing 10.9% of their passes infront of the opposition box. Against Newcastle the were only passing 6% there.

Shola Ameobi played a disciplined and effective defence role. He made three interceptions, four successful tackles out of seven and one block.

Newcastle completely dominated Arsenal from corners. From eleven Arsenal corners, only one reached an Arsenal player.

Newcastle also did very well defending against crosses. From twenty Arsenal crosses, only three reached an Arsenal player.

Aside from that, I would again stress the point that Danny Simpson, at right back, didn’t have a permanent left-winger to mark (a point expanded upon in the previous post). It might not be a coincidence that, when Newcastle do face a permanent left-winger, it will the point where they start to struggle further up the field.

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